The company ‘Internationales Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungskontor’ is a family-run business, which is characterized by a narrow cross-cutting nature.

With holistic, individual transport solutions and logistical concepts we want to increase the value of our clients measurably - and thus competitiveness. Acting and thinking from the entrepreneurial point of view of the customer makes our company a valuable partner to which you can rely on 100%.

Our employees work in small teams where they are consistently and passionately committed to find the best solution for our customers. We lay the foundation for the success of our customers in the field of logistics, as to the high willingness to learn from customers in connection with process orientation.

Coming from the traditional global shipments of iron and steel products, we have developed the core competence for handling conventional iron and steel shipments, as well as international container shipments.

Regular cargo flows as well as the quantitative concentration of various shippers, in combination with the long experience of our team and selected reliable partners enables us to offer attractive conditions with regular shipping options for various relations and customized logistic concepts for the entire transport chain.

Internationales Schiffahrts- und Befrachtungskontor GmbH
Domshof 18-20
28195 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 - 836840

Fax: +49 421-8368499
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